A Portable Canopy For The Great Outdoors!

Canopy Ideas

A day in the outdoors is commonly a favorite pastime and a fantastically relaxing way to spend some time with friends and family as you soak the fresh air and beautiful scenery. With all the enjoyment comes some small issues that need to be considered in order to make your day all the more comfortable. These are issues of shelter that are common in these situation and that can be conveniently addressed by the use of a portable canopy. They can be so beneficial if not crucial for ones outdoor enjoyment and have numerous benefits to the outdoor enthusiast and here is why.

As suggested in the name of these products, a portable canopy is designed to be easily transported. Firstly they are manufactured using light weight materials such as aluminum frames and material canopies. Their functionality allows them to be folded away neatly into their very own carrier bag which provides for easy transportation just like carrying a rucksack. Equally convenient is the fact that they can be erected in as little as one minute with their easy to manoeuvre joints and moving parts, telescopic legs and fasteners.

To add to their portability they also have many features incorporated in their design to provide extra outdoor comfort. These features include peak ventilation, sun reflective material for cooler temperatures, telescopic legs and many more subtle design features that add to the usability. Accessories such as side walls can be added for extra privacy or wind protection. These can consist of breeze walls, curtain walls and zippered walls and there is also extra anchoring available if necessary.

Another plus point is that you can generally purchase a canopy that suits your needs whether that is fore beach recreation, domestic use or even commercial, you can find a portable canopy in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs. So use one to even enhance an area of your choice.

As far as portability goes, when you are talking about size, generally a portable canopy can get up to about 10 x 20 feet before it becomes to awkward to transport. This can mean a very large area of shade for you and your loved ones so choose a canopy size up to 10 x 20 feet depending on the size of your family or your particular group you like to socialize with.

There are products of quality available on the market right now at really good value. This is due to the advancements in design and technology in a portable canopy and the demand of such products so the standard has dramatically increased over the recent years. This means that one should be able to purchase a top end product for in and around $179 that will last.

When you are planning a day outdoors it is a good idea to have a shelter of some sort as there can be weather factors that will spoil the day. A portable canopy can be a great option in these scenarios.

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