Canopies Are the Modern Day Tents

Canopy Ideas

You probably have an idea of what canopies are even though you may not know they’re called as such. You often see canopies whenever there are garden weddings and you see a roofed structure, some may even call it whimsical because of the occasion. It is where the bride and groom often say their vows, protected from the glare of the sun and under the covered “tent” that serves as the altar.

You could say that canopies also got their start from awnings. Awnings are usually the tarpaulin extension that covers most windows of homes. Once you unroll an awning and place legs on it, you usually call them canopies. Also, canopies can really stand alone away from a building should the need call for it, unlike awnings which are usually built against the building or establishment.

Free-standing canopies can serve a number of purposes. First, they may be used as a carport, the size depends on how many vehicles you want protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It may be a permanent canopy, once that’s fixed to the house or a temporary one that you can remove at your leisure. Second, again depending on the size of coverage, it may serve as a special venue for functions and events.

After all, some canopies are not just roofs and legs but they also have side screens and the more luxurious ones have provisions for drainage, electricity and heating. Some even have built-in floors so it’s really basically like a room. Third, canopies can serve as additional storage sheds if there are something that you need to protect against the weather. With their flexible and durable material and with the proper installation, you immediately have extra space in the palm of your hands.

Now, other canopies also serve as walkways when they’re built with tension membranes. Tension membranes are built of steel and sturdy PVC fabric that is often used for commercial and business applications. Today’s canopies also sport architecturally-stunning figures and forms so they also provide a visually pleasing environment which the public really appreciates.

If you intend to use these on your home or garden, it’s important that you do your research and that you compare quality and prices of the materials so you’ll get the best results. You can have this installed by the professionals to save money but if you have average carpentry skills, you can do it all by yourself.

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