Shade Canopies Provide Ultimate Beach Shelter!

Canopy Ideas

One of the finest ways to enjoy a day at the beach is to lounge in the sunshine get a tan and enjoy the scenery. Generally if the enjoyment is to be prolonged it is a good idea to have the support of shade of some sort so as to be able to take a break and protect yourself from the potentially harmful sun rays. Shade canopies are fast becoming a regular beach accessory and can be seen on many a beach across the globe.

Shade canopies are portable shades that can be easily put up and taken down and folded away neatly into their own carrier bag. They would generally have a material canopy to provide the shade and a light weight frame that can be made from a variety of materials. A good quality shade would have features like telescopic legs, peak ventilation, structural reinforcement qualities and easy to handle operating fixtures.

It should also be lightweight, easy to transport and have the ability to be constructed in less than a few minutes. Shade canopies would generally have four open sides but also have the capacity to add extra side walls if required. Side walls can come in different forms such as breeze walls to keep the sand away, curtain railed walls and zippered walls. One may require extra privacy so two or three walls can be attached or even four for a full enclosure.

These canopies usually are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors so finding one that’s suits is generally very convenient. Perhaps the intention is to use your shade pool side or even domestically. Finding one that suits the outdoor décor of your garden can go a long way in improving the appearance of your leisure area.

Shade canopies can provide a great shade area from the sun and if required that little bit extra privacy to what an umbrella provides. These canopies much of the time would be about eight by eight feet or ten by ten when using them for the beach but they can also be up to ten by twenty feet and still be portable.

So taking your family to the beach for the day with the protection of one of these shades can provide peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be protected from the sun. Depending on the size of your family you can find a canopy large enough to protect everyone.

A portable shade can be bought at good value. There are very cheap products out there but they do have a reputation for being low quality. Quality canopies can be bought starting at about $189. A good quality shade that is well maintained will last you long into the future to be enjoyed time and time again.

So when thinking of going to the beach or to an outdoor location for the day think shade canopies as they can really enhance the experience and provide a great peace of mind allowing you to enjoy the day to its full potential.

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